Case study

Act now on deemed rate meters - £170K realised in commercial benefits so far

We're helping our customers manage their gas meters and save money by avoiding deemed rates

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The requirement

Many of our gas customers have meters added to their portfolio throughout the year, but they may inadvertently forget to add them to their CCS contract. If they forget, their p/kWh charges can be three or four times higher than their contract rate. These higher unit rate charges are known as ‘deemed rate’ or ‘out of contract rate’ and are totally avoidable.

Here at CCS, our customers are our main priority and we continually work to ensure they receive the maximum benefits through our agreements.

The solution

We wanted to help reduce our customers energy costs even further and from reviewing our supplier account management process, we found this was an opportunity to do so.

We identified a number of customers with long standing meters who were paying additional costs due to deemed rates. We worked with our gas supplier, Corona Energy, to proactively approach these customers and support them in transferring these meters on to the CCS contract.

The result

To date, seven customers have successfully transferred 41 meters to contract rates. This represents a commercial benefit of just over £170k and an average saving on their unit rate of 180%.

This project is ongoing and could represent over half a million pounds worth of commercial benefits based on current success.

Mariana Gheorghe from Corona Energy commented:

“We are working with CCS to minimise unnecessary energy costs and provide our CCS customers with the best energy rates. Transferring your meters to contract rates is a seamless process and financial savings can be made on behalf of your organisation”

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Published 12 June 2018