There are a number of places you can check to find the will of someone who has died.

You should check:

  • the person’s paperwork at home
  • with their solicitor
  • with their bank
  • companies that offer the storage of wills - you can search online
  • the London Probate Department

Solicitors, banks and will storage companies need proof of the death (the medical or death certificate) and proof that you’re the executor named in the will.

Search online for wills and probate records (England and Wales)

Search online or by post for a probate record (eg, a will or grant of representation) of someone who died in or after 1858.

There’s a different procedure in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Contact the London Probate Department

The will may be stored at the London Probate Department.

London Probate Department
7th Floor
First Avenue House
High Holborn

London Probate Department
Telephone: 020 7421 8500
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
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The London Probate Department
 needs proof of the death and that you’re the executor named in the will. If there are no executors, you may still be able to get the will.

An executor is someone named in a will who deals with a person’s property and possessions after they die.