Visit national parks, nature reserves and green spaces

You can visit areas of the countryside that are protected because of their natural beauty and rare wildlife, plants and geology.

You have the right to access some land across the UK for walking or certain other leisure activities.

Green spaces

Green spaces can include parks and village greens.

Your local council will have details of green spaces near you.

Nature reserves

Nature reserves can include:

  • coastal headlands
  • ancient woodlands
  • former industrial sites or inner city areas

Find National Nature Reserves (NNRs) in:

Find Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) in your area in:

Or you can contact your council.

You can also find nature reserves managed by:

National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) are parts of the countryside protected for their landscape.

Find National Parks in England, Wales and Scotland.

Find AONBs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Follow the countryside code

You should help protect the natural environment by following the countryside code.