Find an MOT test centre for a heavy goods vehicle (HGV), bus or trailer

Find a test centre to book an MOT (‘annual test’) for an HGV, bus or trailer.

You can book the test at a private test centre, known as an ‘authorised testing facility’ (ATF). Depending on the centre, you can book by email, phone or on the centre’s website. All tests are carried out by DVSA assessors.

If you’re in Scotland and there’s no ATF near you, you can use a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) test station. There’s a different way to book an MOT for an HGV, bus or trailer at a DVSA test station.

There’s a different service to book a vehicle test in Northern Ireland.

Start now

  1. Step 1 Check when your test is due and get reminders

  2. Step 2 Book the test

    1. Find your nearest test centre and book your test

    The cost will vary depending on where you take the test.

    1. Check the fees for heavy goods vehicles or trailers
    2. Check the fees for public service vehicles

    Fill in an application form before you book your test if it's the first time it's been tested and it's:

  3. Step 3 Prepare your vehicle

  4. and Prepare the documents you need

  5. Step 4 Take your vehicle to the test

    1. Find out what happens at the test centre

    At the end of the test, you'll be told if your vehicle has passed or failed.