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This will include: Research and evaluation of teaching methods and strategies for increasing children's attainment in education.

This will include: Guidance for Ofsted inspectors, resources for staff and parents. Inspection handbook, school action plans, emergency inspections.

This will include: Performance tables: approved qualifications, discount codes, interpreting data. Primary school accountability, Progress 8 and Attainment 8.

This will include: The standards inspectorates use to inspect schools, and what support is available. How inspectorates are approved to conduct inspections.

This will include: How non-maintained special schools are inspected, accountability, interventions.

This will include: How schools maintained by local authorities are inspected: handbooks, guidance for schools and parents, grades, letters.

This will include: How boarding and residential schools are inspected: handbooks, guidance, minimum standards, letters.

This will include: Research and compare the quality of teaching in schools. Reporting data, calculations, analysis, raw data.

This will include: How Ofsted inspects local authority support for improving schools. Guidance for inspectors and education providers.

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