Apply to vote by proxy

If you’re unable to vote in person you can ask someone to vote on your behalf. This is called a proxy vote.

Who can act as a proxy

You can ask anyone to act as your proxy - as long as they’re registered to vote and they’re allowed to vote in the same type of election.

You can be a proxy for 2 people at the same election, or more if the extra people are close relatives.

How to apply for a proxy vote

Usually, you need to apply for a proxy vote at least 6 working days before election day.

If you’re applying to vote by proxy in the local and mayoral elections on 3 May, your application must arrive by 5pm on 25 April.

Choose the proxy voting application form for the reason you can’t vote in person. You can download a form in English or Welsh for when:

  • you’ll be away
  • you’ll be at work
  • you’ll be attending a course
  • you’re disabled
  • you’re living overseas
  • you’re serving overseas as a member of the armed forces
  • you’re a British Council employee or Crown servant (eg overseas civil service or diplomatic service)

Send the completed form to your local Electoral Registration Office.