When you can appeal

Your local council makes decisions about right of way applications.

You can appeal their decision if you applied to change the area’s ‘definitive map and statement’ and either:

  • you disagree with the decision - this is known as a ‘schedule 14 appeal’
  • your local council did not make a decision within 12 months - this is known as a ‘direction request’

You cannot appeal if:

  • the council approves a different use for the land, for example they make an order for a footpath when you applied for a bridleway
  • you did not submit your original application correctly, for example you did not notify landowners who might be affected by the change

There’s no fee for appealing.

Only the person who made the application can appeal. If you did not apply, you can comment on an appeal instead.

Deadline for appealing

You must appeal within 28 days of the date on the decision letter, or 12 months after you submitted the application if your local council has not made a decision.

When you can expect a decision

Once your appeal is validated, you’ll normally get a decision within 30 weeks.