Your local planning authority (LPA) makes decisions about householder planning applications.

You can appeal a householder planning decision if you were refused permission for reasons that you think go against the LPA’s development plan or planning policy. You can usually find these on their website.

Householder planning applications cover small projects like extensions, conservatories or loft conversions.

Use the appeal a full planning decision service to appeal any of the following:

  • decisions made about bigger projects, like changing the use of a building or doing major structural work
  • planning permission conditions for any type of project

You can also appeal a listed building consent decision.

Who can appeal

You can appeal a decision for an application you made yourself, or appeal on behalf of someone else. You’ll be asked to provide the planning application number and decision date.

Applying for costs

You can apply for an ‘award of costs’ if you believe the LPA has cost you money by behaving unreasonably. For example if you think their behaviour has caused you to miss a deadline.

The LPA can also apply to get costs from you.