Our governance

UKRep ambassadors and counsellors

To get in touch with the teams listed below please call the switchboard on +32 (0)2 287 8211 or email ukrep@fco.gov.uk.

UK Permanent Representative to the EU - COREPER II

Sir Tim Barrow

UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU - COREPER I

Ms Katrina Williams

PSC (Political and Security Committee) ambassador

Mr Paul Johnston

Director Economics and Financial Affairs

Mr Peter Curwen

Director for UK-EU Partnership

Hermione Gough

Deputy Head of Mission (DHM)

Mr Matthew Findlay

Political & Engagement Counsellor

Ms Hannah Cockburn

Justice and Home Affairs section

Ms Hazel Cameron

Military section

Brigadier Matt Pierson

Mr Ivan Smyth

Regions, Agriculture, and Fisheries section

Mr Rory O’Donnell

Financial Services and Trade section

Ms Tammy Reynolds

Competitiveness and Markets section

Mr Simon Argyle

Foreign Policy and Development section

Ms Rebecca Sagar