British Embassy Sana'a has temporarily suspended operations from Wednesday 11 February 2015

British Embassy /938 Thahr Himyar Street
East Ring Road, near Mövenpick Hotel


Disabled access

The British Embassy, Sanaa is keen to ensure that its buildings and services are fully accessible to disabled members of the public. Sometimes, however, this is not possible due to security or other restrictions. When this is the case we will endeavour to provide alternative services or access to ensure equality of access for disabled people. To assist disabled visitors, we have set out below details of disabled access at the British Embassy, Sanaa. We hope this information is helpful.

General physical access

  • Entrances: we ensure entrances to the public areas are clear and unobstructed;
  • Toilets: wheelchair users or those with limited physical mobility can use the toilets available in the consular and public area.
  • Doors: staff will always be available to assist anyone needing help opening or closing doors for those who may have difficulty doing so themselves.
  • Lighting: the public areas are well lit;
  • Emergency/evacuation: our staff will always assist disabled visitors in case of emergency or evacuation.