British Embassy Riyadh, main contact

British Embassy
PO Box 94351
11693 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday, 5am to 12pm (GMT)
Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 3pm (Local)

Public holidays

Our offices will be closed for the following public holidays in 2017:

Date Holiday
Sunday 1 January In lieu of New Year’s Day
Thursday 13 April In lieu of Good Friday
Sunday 16 April Easter Sunday
Sunday 30 April In lieu of May bank holiday
Sunday 28 May Queen’s Birthday
Sunday 25 June Eid al Fitr
Monday 26 June Eid al Fitr
Tuesday 27 July Eid al Fitr
Wednesday 30 August Eid al Adha
Thursday 31 August Eid al Adha
Sunday 3 September Eid al Adha
Sunday 24 September In lieu of Saudi National Day
Monday 25 December Christmas Day
Tuesday 26 December Boxing Day

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday, 5am to 12pm (GMT) Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 3pm (Local)

Disabled Access

Wherever possible, we have made our buildings and services accessible. Sometimes, however, this is not possible due to security or other restrictions. In these situations, we will endeavour to provide access to a building in an alternative way to ensure equality of access for disabled people. To assist disabled visitors, we have set out below details of disabled access at this Embassy. We hope this information is helpful.

General physical access: Embassy

  • The main entrance to the Embassy is accessible to wheelchair-users; where there is an access ramp available.
  • There are few steps to gain access to the Main Reception or Consular Section, with an access ramp. The Amenity Hall and the Residence where most Embassy events are held are both accessible to wheelchairs.
  • There are disabled toilets available in the Embassy as well as the Residence.
  • There is a public parking opposite the main Embassy building.
  • Floor coverings: the floors of the Embassy are even and flat. The maintenance of the pavements and roads of the surrounding areas are the responsibility of the local municipality, but are generally flat and accessible.
  • There are no lifts in the main building but handrails are provided in the stairwells between floors and are easy to grip.
  • Please be aware there are Fire/Smoke Doors at the main entrance corridor and they are heavy and not easy to use for those with mobility impairment, but to assist you, you will be accompanied at all times. There are no such doors in public areas.
  • Emergency/Evacuation: A member of staff will assist disabled visitors in case of an emergency/evacuation.
  • There is one phone in the main Embassy Reception, they are at standard height, but staff will help to use them if necessary.

Access for Visually-Impaired Visitors

  • Signs are clear and recognisable and use internationally recognised signs where appropriate.
  • Guide dogs are welcome.

Access for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Visitors

  • Hearing loops are not installed.
  • Minicom and Textphones are not installed.
  • Sign language is not available at this time.
  • Hearings dogs are welcome.

Contact Us

If you need to visit us or use our services and feel that these may be inaccessible to you, please contact the Embassy by phone or email. We will try to find an alternative way of providing access for you.