British Embassy Cairo, main contact

British Embassy
7 Ahmed Ragheb Street
Garden City


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Office hours:

Sunday to Wednesday, GMT: 6am to 13:30pm (Local time: 8am to 3:30pm) Thursday, GMT: 5am to 11am (Local time: 8am to 2pm)


Sundays to Wednesday, 10am to 1pm

Embassy Public Holidays 2017

Sunday 1 January New Year’s Day
Thursday 8 January in Lieu of Coptic Christmas
Sunday 9 April Palm Sunday
Sunday 16 April Coptic & Western Easter
Monday 17 April Sham El Nessim
Sunday - Tuesday 25-27 June (2 out of 3 days) Eid El Fitr
Sunday 23 July Egyptian National Day (23rd of July Revolution)
Thursday - Monday 31 August - 04 September (3 out of 5 days) Waqfet Arafa and Eid El Adha
Thursday 30 November The Birth of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
Sunday 25 December Christmas
Monday 26 December Boxing Day