Student finance forms

EU full-time student

To apply for a Tuition Fee Loan use form EU19N.

Academic year Form
2019 to 2020 EU19N - form and notes (PDF, 221KB)

Additional information

You may need to include additional information on the following forms.

Form When to use the form
EUTFLR - form (PDF, 45KB) To change the amount of loan you want to apply for
Evidence factsheet (PDF, 79KB) List of evidence to send with your application - for example proof of identity or income
Certifier checklist (PDF, 53KB) Get the person who verifies your evidence to sign this form
EUCO1 - form (PDF, 114KB) To update your course, name and other details

The deadline is 9 months after the first day of the course’s academic year. Academic years begin on 1 September, 1 January, 1 April and 1 July. Ask someone who runs your course if you do not know which one applies.

Where to send your forms

Student Finance Services
Student Loans Company
PO Box 89
County Durham
United Kingdom

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1. What type of student are you?
EU student - full-time
2. What academic year do you want funding for?
2019 to 2020
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