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The cross-government web operations (web ops) community exists to:

  • share information about web ops for government services
  • discuss and challenge how web ops work for government services
  • bring together people from across government with an interest in web ops

Who the community is for

You might be interested in this community if you’re involved in any aspect of web ops, for example:

  • setting up hosting for a service
  • setting up deployment environments
  • managing software configuration
  • monitoring the uptime and availability of a live service

You don’t need to be in a web ops role to join.

Join the community


Use the web ops Google group or #web-operations channel on the cross-government Slack to discuss cross-government web ops issues (request access using your government email address).

If you can’t access these groups, please email: for help.


The technology at GDS blog discusses how GDS builds, assembles and runs its software.

Web ops in the Service Manual

These guides show what we currently believe to be best practice in web ops for government services:

Help us keep the Service Manual up to date by:

  • contributing to community discussions
  • telling us if something is wrong or out of date using the feedback link at the top of each guide
Last update:

Added guides to 'Deploying software regularly' and 'Deciding how to host your service'.

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