British Embassy Muscat, main contact

British Embassy
PO Box 185
Mina Al Fahal

116 Muscat

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday, 7:30am to 2:30pm (Local)
Sunday to Thursday, 4:30am to 11:30am (GMT)

If you need to visit the British Embassy for a consular issue, you may need to make an appointment. For all notarial and documentary services an appointment has to be made in advance of your visit. Please visit the notarial and documentary services section for detailed guidance


Public holidays

The following are the possible dates approved by the British Ambassador for holiday for the year 2015:

Date Holiday
Thursday 1 January New Year’s Day
Wednesday or Sunday *31December or 4 January Prophet’s Birthday
Sunday 5 April Easter Sunday
Wednesday *23 July In Lieu of Renaissance Day
Sunday-Monday *19-20 July Eid al Fitr
Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday *23-27 September Eid al Adha
Sunday *15 October Islamic New Year
Wednesday-Thursday *25-26 November National Day
Thursday-Sunday *24-27 December Christmas Eve & Christmas Day


All Holidays marked (*) may vary as per Muslim Calendar and Local Government announcements.