European Parliament

There are 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Of those, 73 represent the UK.

Elections for the European Parliament take place every 5 years.

How European Parliament elections work

The UK is divided into 12 regions for European Parliament elections. Each region has between 3 and 10 MEPs.

In England, Scotland and Wales you vote for MEPs by voting for a party. The number of candidates who get elected from each party is determined by how many people vote for that party.

In Northern Ireland, you vote for an MEP using the Single Transferable Vote system. You rank candidates in order of preference and an MEP is elected when they get more than a certain number of votes. If your first choice candidate is not elected, your vote is transferred to your second choice, and so on.

You can find who your MEPs are on the European Parliament website.

The Electoral Commission website has more information about European Parliament elections.

If you’re an EU citizen living in the UK

If you’re a citizen of an EU country (other than the UK, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus) who’s resident in the UK, you can vote in either the UK or your home country.

If you want to vote in the UK you must be registered to vote. Contact electoral authorities in your home country (where you’re a citizen) if you want to vote there.