Application for a street trading licence or consent from Hart District Council

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First, download the form

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Before you apply...

There's a £921.00 fee.

You'll need a debit or credit card.

You'll need to provide copies of the following:

  • Photographic proof of Identity and right to work in the UK
  • Certificate of Public Liability to the value of £10 million
  • Photograph or graphical drawing of the intended trading stand or vehicle
  • Map , graphical drawings and or photographs showing proposed trading pitch
  • Vehicle MOT
  • Driver's Licences for all persons who may drive or tow the trading vehicle
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Evidence of commercial waste removal contract
  • Written authorisation of private landowner (optional)
What if I don't have electronic copies?

Photos or scans of documents are acceptable, providing the relevant information is clear.

If you're unable to provide electronic versions of these documents then you cannot make an online application and you should do so by post.

Now, submit the application

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