Application for a permit, variation or transfer (IPPC) Part A from Northern Ireland Environment Agency

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There is additional information available for this licence that you might find useful:

Before you apply...

There's a fee you'll need to pay for this submission.

You'll need a debit or credit card.

You'll need to provide copies of the following:

  • Certificate of incorporation (optional)
  • Evidence of Corporate status (optional)
  • Proof of agreement (optional)
  • Site Report (optional)
  • Map or Plan (optional)
  • Proposed installation activities (optional)
  • Other proposed techniques and measures (optional)
  • Details of your proposed management techniques (optional)
  • Details of raw and auxiliary materials (optional)
  • Proposed measures for waste management/storage (optional)
  • Details of recovery or disposal of waste stream (optional)
  • Proposed energy consumption and generation (optional)
  • measures for improvement of energy efficency (optional)
  • Climate Change Levy agreement (optional)
  • environmental risks and hazards of accidents (optional)
  • main sources of noise and vibration (optional)
  • measures for monitoring emissions (optional)
  • measures upon definitive cessation of activities (optional)
  • Proposed Techniques/ measures of other operators (optional)
  • Nature/quantities/sources of foreseeable emissions (optional)
  • assessment of the potential environmental effects (optional)
  • Relevant objectives set (optional)
  • Significant effect on a European Site (optional)
  • Environmental Statement (Council Dir 85/337/EEC) (optional)
  • Convictions of relevant offences (optional)
  • Management of other sites by responsible persons (optional)
  • Planning details (optional)
  • Details of Technical competent persons (optional)
  • Financial provision, parent company guarantee (optional)
  • Expenditure Plan (optional)
  • Commercial confidentiality request (optional)
  • Non-technical summary (optional)
What if I don't have electronic copies?

Photos or scans of documents are acceptable, providing the relevant information is clear.

If you can't provide electronic versions you can still apply online, but you'll need to send in copies by post. We'll give you the address and reference number once you've completed the application.

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