Application for conveyance, storage or supply of gas, or operation of a liquid natural gas facility from Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation

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Before you apply...

There's a fee you'll need to pay for this submission.

You'll need a debit or credit card.

You'll need to provide copies of the following:

  • Financial information
  • Constitutional documents
  • Development plan
  • Standard conditions
  • Fit and proper person
  • Description of consumers to be supplied (optional)
  • Acquisition and conveyance of gas (optional)
  • Security and continuity of supply (optional)
  • Directions under the Energy Act 1976 (optional)
  • Exclusive authority (optional)
  • Proposed authorised area and pipeline system (optional)
  • System security standards (optional)
  • Expertise of applicant (optional)
  • Safety requirements (optional)
  • Proposed location of storage/LNG facility (optional)
  • Independence of legal form, organisation and decision-making (optional)
What if I don't have electronic copies?

Photos or scans of documents are acceptable, providing the relevant information is clear.

If you can't provide electronic versions you can still apply online, but you'll need to send in copies by post. We'll give you the address and reference number once you've completed the application.

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