Application for approval of a secular premises as a venue for civil marriage and civil partnership from Trafford Council

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  • I am aware of the provisions of The Marriage Act 1994. The details contained in the application form and any attached documentation are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • I declare that:
  • a) I have read and understood the information contained in this form;
  • b) the premises are not religious premises;
  • c) the premises are not a register office (or, where a register office is situated in the premises that is not the room that is the subject of this application);
  • d) I have consulted the planning authority as to whether planning consent is required and attach evidence that it is content that the premises may be used for marriages and civil partnerships;
  • e) if approval is granted subject to any exemptions in the Equality Act 2010 the premises will be regularly available for public use for the solemnization of marriages and the registration of civil partnerships;
  • f) I will comply with the standard conditions and any local conditions that the authority considers reasonable that are attached to the approval.

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