Openness and transparency can save money, strengthen people’s trust in government and encourage greater public participation in decision-making.

Detailed guides

  1. Community development framework

    This guidance aims to help people develop and manage communities of practice across government. Read more

  2. GOV.UK transition: guidance for agencies

    Find out how the Government Digital Service works with government agencies and arm's length bodies to move their websites to GOV.UK. Read more

  3. Venezuela – FCO Short Form Contract Conditions

    These are the terms and conditions of contract of goods and services at British Embassy Caracas, according to FCO rules and regulations. Read more

  4. Government Property Unit: Electronic Property Information Mapping Service

    An introduction to the Electronic Property Information Mapping Service (e-PIMS™) for Government Property Professionals. Read more

  5. MP expenses: appeal a compliance officer's decision

    How to appeal against a decision on your expenses claim if you're a member of parliament or former MP. Read more