The government is working to make sure that people have the information and protection they need when they buy goods and services.

Detailed guides

  1. Meat products: sell them legally in England

    Find out what information you need to show on products made of or containing meat that you sell to the public. Read more

  2. Food labelling: loose foods

    Give information to consumers when selling food that is loose or hasn't been prepacked by another producer. Read more

  3. Food standards: labelling, durability and composition

    Requirements for products listed under food standards legislation, such as bottled water, milk, fish and meat; table of UK mineral waters; 'best before' dates. Read more

  4. Hallmarking policy

    Role of Regulatory Delivery within hallmarking policy and legislation. Read more

  5. Choose a water supplier for your business

    For the first time, over 1.2 million ‘eligible’ non-household customers in England can choose their water supplier (from 3 April 2017). Read more