The government is working to make sure that people have the information and protection they need when they buy goods and services.

Policies 4

  1. Making it easier to trade

    How the government is updating some of the older laws covering estate agents and street traders.

  2. Making consumer credit markets fairer

    The government wants to make sure that lenders treat borrowers fairly.

  3. Maintaining secure water supplies, high standards of drinking water and effective sewerage services

    How the government is maintaining high standards of water and sewerage services.

  4. Providing better information and protection for consumers

    How the government is changing some laws to help consumers.

Detailed guides

  1. Claim compensation for injury or financial loss

    How to claim compensation yourself or if using a claims management company, check they're authorised, your rights and their obligations. Read more

  2. Food standards: labelling, durability and composition

    Requirements for products listed under food standards legislation, such as bottled water, milk, fish and meat; table of UK mineral waters; 'best before' dates. Read more

  3. Measuring container bottles: register a manufacturer's mark

    Register a new manufacturer's mark and access a list of approved and inactive measuring container bottles (MCB) marks. Read more

  4. Hallmarking policy

    Role of National Measurement Office within hallmarking policy and legislation. Read more

  5. Packaged goods: weights and measures regulations

    What packaged goods are, how they are labelled, units of measurements used and compliance with weights and measures regulation. Read more