The government is supporting people who care about their communities and want to get involved in improving them. It believes that people understand the needs of their area best, which is why it is transferring power so people can make more decisions locally and solve their own problems to create strong, attractive and thriving neighbourhoods.

Detailed guides

  1. Living in Ireland

    Information for British nationals living in Ireland and information on driving regulations in Ireland Read more

  2. Anti-social behaviour on public transport: safety measures

    Protecting staff, passengers and property on public transport: police roles, CCTV and witness evidence use, tools to restrict anti-social acts Read more

  3. How to choose a charity name

    Choose a unique, memorable name that people will remember when they are deciding to make a donation or looking to volunteer. Read more

  4. How to report a serious incident in your charity

    What counts as a serious incident in your charity and how to report it. Read more

  5. Use the words 'charity' or 'charitable' in a company name

    If your company isn't a charity, you need Charity Commission permission to include the words ‘charity’ or ‘charitable’ in its name. Read more