Project costs guidance: Innovate UK

Guide on eligible project costs and completing the finance form for innovation projects for non-academic and academic applicants.



A detailed breakdown on eligible and non-eligible project costs for funding with Innovate UK.

Non-academic applicants should refer to Innovate UK finance form guidance for help on completing the finance form with project costs.

Academic applicants must apply via the Je-S website. You should read the guidance for academics applying via the Je-S system.

The rules are different if you are applying to a Small Business Research Initiative competition so please read the specific SBRI guidance.

Published 6 May 2016
Last updated 2 March 2020 + show all updates
  1. Removed reference to the 'pathways to impact' appendix as this is no longer needed as part of Je-S applications from 1 March 2020.

  2. We have corrected references to indirect costs in the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) project costs guidance. These are now referred to as overheads.

  3. Added SBRI project costs document.

  4. Further guidance added around using partners as subcontractors and when this might be permitted.

  5. Under 'guidance for academics applying via Je-S', added a new section on submitting the Je-S form to Innovate UK, including the different requirements for competitions through the Innovation Funding Service and document-based application process.

  6. Added guidance for academics applying via the Je-S system.

  7. The project costs guidance has been updated and the document put into html format for greater accessibility.

  8. Updated project costs guidance to reflect terminology changes, so industry partner finance form is now project finance form.

  9. The overheads section of the document was updated.

  10. Changed page title to "Project costs guidance: Innovate UK"

  11. 'Administrative support costs' changed to 'administration overheads'. Clarified eligible costs for administration office facilities to ensure it is in line with State Aid guidance - Annex 1.

  12. First published.