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Environmental data: solving business problems

This directory features winners in our 'Solving business problems with environmental data' competition in 2014.


Environmental data directory


Innovate UK is looking to help companies develop innovative products and services that can use all the environmental data collected by government through various agencies.

This directory showcases the businesses involved and the feasibility studies we funded in our 2014 ‘Solving business problems with environmental data’ competition.

One of the companies that took part, Shoothill, has successfully worked with Environment Agency data to use Twitter to monitor UK river levels.

Shoothill - using Twitter to visualise flood data

Data is routinely collected on subjects such as land cover, environmental change, precipitation, farm performance, biodiversity, water flows, geological surveys and marine environment. Integrating these with commercial and societal data can stimulate innovation in the following areas: agriculture and food; energy generation and supply; and infrastructure (including transport, built environment and water)

The directory was produced for a showcase Collaboration Nation event at which the businesses promoted their ideas to potential partners and investors.

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Published 18 June 2015