Personal information charter

How we treat your personal information and how to check what details we hold about you at Innovate UK.

We need to handle personal information about you so that we can provide services for you.

When we ask you for personal information, we promise to:

  • make sure you know why we need it
  • only ask for what we need, and not to collect too much or irrelevant information
  • protect it and make sure nobody has access to it who shouldn’t
  • let you know if we share it with other organisations to give you better public services - and if you can say no
  • make sure we don’t keep it longer than necessary
  • not make your personal information available for commercial use without your permission

In return, we ask you to:

  • give us accurate information
  • tell us as soon as possible if there are any changes, such as a new address

This helps us to keep your information reliable and up to date.

Innovate UK and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and their partner organisations, have signed up to these shared principles for handling your information.

Request information under the Data Protection Act

If you would like to request personal information under the Data Protection Act (1998), you should submit your request in writing (letter or email) to:

Information Manager
Innovate UK
Polaris House
North Star Avenue

For independent advice about data protection, privacy and data-sharing issues, you can contact the Information Commissioner.

Affinity partners

The below is only applicable if you have made an application to an Innovate UK competition.

As part of our objective to stimulate and support UK innovation, we have established a close network of Affinity Partners. Where we share personal data with Affinity Partners, such Affinity Partners shall become the data controllers of that personal information and must act in accordance with the terms of the Information Management Policy and the Data Protection Act, and shall become directly responsible to you (and the Information Commissioner) thereunder.

This list is made up of organisations that can help Innovate UK fund and support innovative businesses to accelerate sustainable economic growth for the UK. It will be updated as we extend our engagements with organisations.

Delivery partners Catapults
  KTN - Knowledge Transfer Network
  EEN - Enterprise Europe Network
Public-funded partners DH - Department of Health
  Growth Accelerator
  IPO - Intellectual Property Office
  MAS - Manufacturing Advisory Service
  Design Council
  Designing Demand
  AMSCI - Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative
  APC - Advanced Propulsion Centre
  ATI - Aerospace Technology Institute
  DCLG - Department for Communities and Local Government
  DEFRA - Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
  MOD - Ministry of Defence
  RCs - Research Councils
  STFC – Science and Technology Facilities Council
  MRC – Medical Research Council
UK Administration Devolved administrations