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ACT Strategic

ACT Strategic is a CT product which aids businesses to explore ways of preventing, managing, and recovering from a terrorist attack.

ACT Strategic

ACT Strategic

ACT Strategic is aimed at those responsible for writing policies and procedures or strongly influencing them. Events are aimed at 20-30 delegates from a range of organisations and business sectors. Delegates are asked to have completed the ACT E-learning package and have knowledge of their organisation’s emergency response plans (incident management plan, recovery and business continuity plan) and the authority to affect changes or reviews of those plans (i.e. heads of department, security managers or emergency planners).

An ACT Strategic event will feature a discussion based exercise, where delegates will be faced with a series of questions and dilemmas to resolve, both individually and collectively. Through participation in discussions and utilising knowledge and skills, delegates will be able to share best practice and identify areas for improvement.

The events, which are free of charge, are facilitated by highly qualified Counter Terrorism specialists and last for approximately 3-4 hours. They are interactive and require audience participation.

Attending a session will help delegates gain a better understanding of the threat from terrorism and the simple security measures that can be taken to protect a business or organisation.

If you are interested in participating in an ACT Strategic event please contact your local Counter Terrorism Security Adviser to book a place.

Published 26 April 2019
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