Fire safety in the home: Fire Kills

Test your smoke alarms every month to check they work. In 2015, over 200 people died in fires in the home. You’re at least 7 times more likely to die in a fire in the home if there are no working smoke alarms.

Offer to test the smoke alarms of an older family member, neighbour or friend who needs help.

It only takes a moment to test and gives your family and people you care about a better chance of surviving a fire.

How to make your home safe

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Test your smoke alarms by pressing their buttons once a month and change their batteries once a year if they have removable batteries.

  2. If an alarm doesn’t beep when you test it, replace the battery or replace the alarm.

You should also make sure:

  • there’s at least one smoke alarm on each floor of your property
  • you never remove the batteries in your smoke alarms unless you’re replacing them
  • everyone in your home knows what to do in a fire and knows your escape route - get out, stay out and call 999

Fire safety information

Find out how to keep you and your family safe from fire inside and outside your home with our fire advice safety leaflets. Includes advice for children and parents, disabled people and students as well as information about seasonal fire safety.

Keep safe at work

You can also read about keeping your workplace safe from fire.

For landlords

If you’re a private landlord, you must fit at least one smoke alarm on each floor of the properties you rent out. You must also fit a carbon monoxide alarm in any room with a solid fuel burner, for example a wood or coal burning fireplace.

You can be fined up to £5,000 if you don’t fit all the alarms required.

You must test every alarm at the start of a new tenancy.

You might be able to get free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms from your local fire service.

Download ‘fire safety regulations for landlords’(PDF, 1.6MB).

For tenants

If you’re a tenant in rented accommodation, your landlord is responsible for making sure there are working smoke alarms on every level of your home at the start of your tenancy.

However, during your tenancy you are responsible for testing your smoke alarm monthly and replacing the batteries where necessary.

Fire Kills campaign

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