At revaluation, the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) adjusts the rateable value of business properties to reflect changes in the property market.

It usually happens every 5 years. The most recent revaluation came into effect in England and Wales on 1 April 2017, based on rateable values from 1 April 2015.

You can check your valuation when you estimate your business rates.

Business rates are handled differently in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What happens at revaluation

At revaluation:

This means that a change in your rateable value does not always mean a change in your bill.

To make sure your valuations are accurate, you may need to give VOA up-to-date rental evidence for your property at revaluation.

Get business rates relief

You may be able to get a discount from your local council if you’re eligible for business rates relief.

For example you may be able to get: