The Science and Innovation Network counts more than 110 officers based in over 40 countries/territories around the world. We engage with the local science & innovation community in support of UK policy overseas and also create strategic relationships to harness the value of science & innovation discoveries and investments overseas, leading to mutual UK and host-country benefits.

Science and innovation underpin the economies of both Italy and the UK. Encouraging work between the two countries therefore produces benefits for both.

To promote international collaboration the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office jointly fund the UK Science and Innovation Network in 40 countries around the world.

There is a dedicated Science and Innovation team in Italy, based at the British Embassy in Rome and at the British Consulate General in Milan; Italy is considered a key partner to the UK on science and innovation and it is the UK’s 4th research partner.

For an introductory brief which covers the local Science and Innovation landscape, UK priorities and successes in Italy, read the UK Science and Innovation Network Country Snapshot.

Our Services

The Science and Innovation Network team in Italy works to the following global objectives:

  • influence science and innovation policies of government, industry and academia;

  • improve UK policy based on international experience and emerging opportunities and challenges;

  • stimulate strategic science collaborations and deliver wider policy goals;

  • harness international technology partnerships and investment to grow innovation capability.

We work in close collaboration with the Italy teams of the UK’s Department for International Trade and the British Council.

Our recent successes

Fighting Disinformation

  • GoViral! Launch - In February 2021, SIN Italy Team organised the launch of the Italian version of the educational game GoViral!.
    Go Viral! is a pre-bunking tool devised to make audiences aware of how misinformation is fabricated and disseminated. Italian and British government officials together with communicators and  health experts joined an online debate on effective ways to counter-fight disinformation and overcome vaccine hesitancy. The launch event was extensively covered by online media and by the national press, and was broadcasted live on Facebook for more than 2,000 viewers

  • in May 2022, SIN Italy invited the UK Science Media Centre to present their organisation and experience at the Ambassador’s Residence to a selected audience of   journalists, communicators and scientists.
    Participants heard from Vice Executive Officer Tom Sheldon how the Centre works and how it faced the challenges that the Covid 19 pandemic posed. SIN is continuing to facilitate conversations between Italian experts and SMC to support the creation of  a similar centre modelled on the UK experience

Environment and Technology

  • in March 2021, the SIN Italy Team and Imperial College organised a UK-Italy virtual workshop on climate change mitigation and health benefits.
    The event was part of the “All4Climate Italy 2021” official calendar of events. Roberto Cingolani - Minister for the Ecological Transition, Anne-MarieTrevelyan – Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth and UK International Champion on Adaptation and Resilience for COP26 and Nick Bridge FCDO Special Representative for Climate Change opened the event.
    Discussion continued amongst a selected panel of Italian and UK scientists, practitioners and government officials, who analysed some fundamental issues such as how science can best inform policy decisions, how scientists and policy makers can interact and the presentation of some interesting local initiatives which provide health benefits while reducing CO2 emissions. The meeting was a unique opportunity for bilateral engagement ahead of COP 26, and produced an agenda which was presented to Italian and British governments.

  • UK-Italy AI and robotics research collaboration workshop - over the last years, SIN Italy has fostered UK-IT bilateral exchange in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics by supporting multiple initiatives connecting experts and government officials. In March 2022, SIN and the Alan Turing Institute organised a workshop to look at the funding landscape and strategic priorities across both countries.
    Participants identified themes of common interest, such as AI and robotics for healthy ageing, autonomous systems applications for extreme environments, and AI approaches to healthcare. The meeting also focused on Industry 5.0, which puts humans at the centre of technological and industrial developments. The outcomes of the workshop will contribute to identify a sub-set of scientific challenges and application domains where the two countries have a complementary and distinctive profile.

  • UK-IT Bilateral Exchange in Science and Innovation (BEST) – In December 2021, SIN Italy officially launched the (BEST) project, in the presence of  Italian Research Minister Cristina Messa and British Minister for Science George Freeman (who joined virtually). BEST aims at providing an overview of the way in which scientific cooperation between Italy and the UK currently works and at identifying innovative and effective ways to further develop existing relationships.
    The project, initially focused on hard sciences and health, has been expanded to cover also arts, humanities and social sciences (HASS). An ad-hoc appointed Scientific Committee will review the evidence collected through several interviews with UK and IT experts and from the public domain and distil a set of indications to both Governments. The BEST and BEST+HASS projects will draw to a close in December 22 with the presentation of the final report

  • Genoa Science Festival  - The UK was guest country at the 2021 edition of the Festival. SIN Italy supervised and coordinated the participation of top British scientists - astrophysicist and BBC presenter Maggie Aderin-Pocock and epidemiologist professor Neil Ferguson -  and the projection of the Netflix documentary “Breaking Boundaries” by Sir David Attenborough. The Festival has been a great platform to display the UK commitment to scientific excellence and international collaboration

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Laura Nuccilli British Embassy Rome Tel +39 06 4220 2284

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