We work in Indonesia on climate change and sustainable development.

In March 2011, the UK Climate Change Unit (UKCCU) Indonesia was launched. UKCCU was established to support delivery of the UK’s climate change goals in a vitally important context. Indonesia is a G20 partner, a strong and growing economy which has made enormous gains in poverty reduction in the last 20 years but more than 28 million Indonesians still live below the poverty line. Indonesia is also a global top 5 emitter of greenhouse gases, is home to some of the highest levels of biological diversity in the world and has the world’s fastest rate of deforestation.

UKCCU’s goal is to support Indonesia to reduce its emissions by 29% by 2030 by addressing the governance and market failures impeding the sustainable management of forests and land-use in Indonesia. Our main objectives are:

  1. A strengthened, accountable and responsive government at national and provincial level for the sustainable management of forests and land-use in Indonesia.

  2. Improved civil society capacity for transparent and accountable land-use decision-making and implementation, addressing the rights and sustainable livelihood opportunities of local communities particularly women and girls.

  3. Mobilizing the private sector to implement good governance and good practices for sustainable and responsible business land-use.

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