Our Defence Section Sarajevo is working with other UK government and international partners to promote defence and security reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our goal is help ensure security and stability for the country within a Euro-Atlantic context - ultimately we want to see Bosnia and Herzegovina joining NATO.

Our small team provides defence and security reform advice and practical project support to the defence and security ministries, the armed forces and police agencies throughout the country. Recent and ongoing example of our project support include:

  • we are providing leadership and staff training to military and police officers, both in country and in the UK.
  • in partnership with NATO HQ Sarajevo, we are leading a project to rejuvenate the officer corps of the armed forces.
  • we are providing funding and advisory support to the disposal of surplus SALW and ammunition.
  • we led the development of a nationally endorsed SALW Strategy.
  • we delivered a multi-year inter-agency skills development programme, including extensive English language and management training.
  • we are supporting the UK’s high level Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative developing practical measures with our local partners.
  • together with international and local partners we are supporting a multi-year military resettlement programme, helping war veterans re-integrate with society.

In addition to our Defence Attaché’s team within the embassy, we have 4 officers embedded within the Op ALTHEA EUFOR military headquarters in Sarajevo and another with the Peace Support Operations Training Centre.

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