We work in Zimbabwe to help provide basic needs, encourage sustainable livelihoods and support a peaceful democratic transition.

DFID works to deliver a more democratic, stable and prosperous Zimbabwe, focusing on helping the country’s poorest people. Our key priorities are:

  1. Providing infrastructure, assets, finance, skills and access to markets needed for people to earn enough money to meet their basic needs
  2. Improving access to health, water and sanitation, and education
  3. Helping to strengthen democracy and improve the way the economy and public finances are managed by the Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) to support both economic development and poverty reduction

DFID was one of the first donors to respond to widespread food insecurity in Zimbabwe, resulting from a poor 2015 harvest and the El Nino induced drought. Since October 2015, through our implementing partners, DFID is providing humanitarian support to over 360,000 people in areas worst affected by the drought situation.

We work to ensure that we are achieving value for money in everything that we do and that all of our partners follow suit. Results, transparency and accountability will remain our watchwords and we are determined to get value for money for every hard-earned pound from the UK taxpayer that is spent on development in Zimbabwe.

DFID funds many organisations who are working to end poverty through open competition. Find out more about how our funding schemes work and the application processes.

For detailed information on our programme and what the UK spends on development in Zimbabwe, see our Development Tracker to explore international development projects funded by the UK government by country and sector.

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