We work in Tanzania to boost wealth creation, achieve the United Nations' Global Goals and help citizens hold their government to account.

Tanzania is politically stable and the last 10 years have seen good economic growth but little reduction in income poverty – 30% of people live on under £7 a month.

Strong progress has been made in health, education and other basic services in the past decade, with over 90% of children now going to primary school. However the challenge remains to reach everyone in need across this large, sparsely populated nation.

DFID’s top priorities in Tanzania are:

  • wealth creation – scaling up programmes and increasing work with the private sector

  • achieving the United Nations’ Global Goals in relation to education, health, nutrition, water and sanitation

  • getting government to work better and helping Tanzanians hold government to account

DFID funds many organisations who are working to end poverty through open competition. Find out more about how our funding schemes work and the application processes.

For detailed information on our programme and what the UK spends on development in Tanzania, see the DFID Tanzania operational plan 2014. See also our Development Tracker to explore international development projects funded by the UK government by country and sector.

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