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The UK has a development partnership with South Africa.

The UK’s bilateral aid programme to South Africa concluded in 2015, following 21 years of UK assistance. Today South Africa is an upper middle income country and an increasingly important development actor in its own right, both in Africa and at international levels.

DFID’s relationship with South Africa has now transitioned to a development partnership model built around mutually agreed priorities. This engagement is led by the Development Partnerships Unit based in the British High Commission, Pretoria. It is supported by a partnerships programme which works with South African institutions to strengthen their development role in Africa, in areas including tax capacity building, tackling climate change and service delivery monitoring. The programme also works with the South African government to support its role as an African representative in global institutions such as the G20, to help develop international agreements which better address the needs of the poor in Africa.

The Development Partnerships Unit also oversees technical assistance to support the government’s efforts to tackle poverty and inequality in South Africa, using its own resources. This support focusses on strengthening the government’s delivery of basic services at local levels across the country.

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