We work in Somalia to provide humanitarian assistance, beat poverty and prevent conflict.

In Somalia about 3 million people (around 25% of the population) live in poverty and 2.4 million people are currently in need of humanitarian assistance.

There is limited progress in getting all children in school or reducing maternal deaths, while progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment is poor.

UK aid aims to help Somalia beat poverty and conflict. Progress and stability are also vital for the security for Somalia and UK.

UK aid will support peace, provide humanitarian assistance and overcome poverty by:

  • responding promptly to humanitarian needs
  • building peace and strengthening governance
  • creating long-term jobs by creating a favourable business environment
  • encouraging investment and improving access to healthcare

For detailed information on our programme and what the UK spends on development in Somalia, see the DFID Somalia operational plan 2014. See also our Development Tracker to explore international development projects funded by the UK government by country and sector.

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