We work in Ghana to encourage wealth creation, ensure all children have a good education, reduce maternal mortality and reduce inequalities.

Consistent economic growth and political stability have combined to put Ghana on target to halve extreme poverty by 2015. There is still work to do however, such as helping Ghana to:

  • bridge the gap between progress made in the south and the much poorer north of the country
  • get good value from its own revenues, including from oil and gas
  • address the development goals that remain off-track

Our top priorities are:

  • encouraging enterprise and wealth creation
  • helping the government of Ghana make sure all children get a good education
  • reducing maternal mortality and child deaths
  • improving the accountability of government and decision makers to citizens
  • beating inequalities, especially regional poverty and improving opportunities for women and girls

DFID funds many organisations who are working to end poverty through open competition. Find out more about how our funding schemes work and the application processes.

For detailed information on our programme and what the UK spends on development in Ghana, see the DFID Ghana operational plan 2014. See also our Development Tracker to explore international development projects funded by the UK government by country and sector.

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