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How to apply

1. Registration of Upper Tier Carrier/Broker/Dealer of Controlled Waste

***** APPLICATIONS FOR NORTHERN IRELAND ENVIRONMENT AGENCY ONLY. APPLICATIONS FOR OTHER AGENCIES WILL NOT BE PROCESSED OR REFUNDED ***** Under The Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 you are required to register as a carrier if you transport controlled waste as part of your business or for profit. Under the Waste Management Licensing Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003 businesses which arrange to dispose or recover waste on behalf of others are required to register as a broker. Under the Waste Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2011 businesses buying and selling waste will need to register as a dealer.It is a criminal offence to carry, broker or deal in controlled waste without being registered with a maximum fine of £5,000. Controlled waste is household, commercial or industrial waste. It may be solid or liquid. You should apply to register with the Registration of Carriers section of the Land and Resource Management unit of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). You will have to renew your registration every 3 years or notify NIEA if you wish to cancel your registration.

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