Special Immigration Appeal Commission hearing list

Details of upcoming hearings, bail applications and judgments at the Special Immigration Appeal Commission.

16 to 20 February 2015

There are no hearings this week.

23 to 27 February 2015

Date Time Person making the appeal Case number Type Court number
Monday 23 February 9:30am R1 SN/11/2014 Handing down of judgment 1
Monday 23 February 9:30am U, W, Y, Z, BB, PP SC/32/2005, SC/34/2005, SC/36/2005, SC/37/2005, SC/39/2005, SC/54/2006 Directions 1
Tuesday 24 February 10:30am W SC/34/2005 Bail application 1

2 to 6 March 2015

There are no hearings this week.

The tribunal uses reference numbers or initials to protect the anonymity of the persons involved in the appeal.

All hearings take place at Field House, 15-25 Bream’s Buildings, London EC4A 1DZ.