HMRC is closing in on undeclared income

If you are already doing the right thing and paying tax on all of your income, then there’s nothing more you need to do.

But if you have any income you haven’t told us about, you need to declare it before we catch you.

Our new technology and extra staff make it easier for us to find you - no matter who you are.

Find out about undeclared income and how to put it right.

Putting your tax affairs in order

Check whether you need to complete a tax return. Make sure you fill in your return accurately and send it on time.

Correct any mistakes by telling HMRC about any tax that you think you owe, amending a previously incorrect return or owning up to fraud.

Remember you can get independent advice, or talk to friends and family or an adviser about your tax concerns.

You can also tell us about someone who isn’t declaring all their income using HMRC’s online form.

Offshore income

If you have undeclared income offshore, you could tell HMRC using an offshore disclosure facility and get the best terms on offer.