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This guide explains how to use alpha and beta phase banners.

Meeting the Digital Service Standard

To pass point 13 (make the user experience consistent with GOV.UK) in your service assessments, you must use GOV.UK design patterns and guidance.

Read the guide on using, adapting and creating design patterns before you start designing or building anything.

When to use banners in your service

If your service is on the subdomain you must have an alpha banner if it’s in alpha and a beta banner if it’s in beta.

Your banner must be directly under the black GOV.UK header and colour bar.



Get the code

You can get the code and assets you need for alpha and beta banners in the GOV.UK frontend toolkit.

You should use a ‘feedback’ link to collect on-page feedback about your service. This can open an email or take the user to a dedicated page or form. Whatever option you use, make sure that users don’t lose their place in the service and can return easily to the page they were on.

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