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From Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

    The home of Nuclear Decommissioning Authority on GOV.UK. We are cleaning up the UK’s earliest nuclear sites safely, securely and cost-effectively with care for people and the environment.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – About us

    We are cleaning up the UK’s earliest nuclear sites safely, securely and cost-effectively with care for people and the environment.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – Working for NDA

    How to apply for jobs at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

  • Global banking giant joins Sellafield’s Bus Station project

    Barclays brings Eagle Lab concept to Whitehaven

  • Measuring the ‘unmeasurable’: research paper could help Dounreay clean up plutonium legacy

    Ground-breaking research published in Nature Communications shows that traces of plutonium in the environment can be identified as being from global or local sources.

  • It’s been a massive effort in challenging times

    Praise for employees and supply chain as Sellafield Ltd hits clean-up milestone

  • NDA announces new date for Supply Chain Event 2022

    In previous years, this event has been an overwhelming success in engaging with the suppliers who are so essential to achieving our decommissioning mission.

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

    A group-wide project was launched last year to help everyone feel more able to talk openly about mental health in the workplace and ensure that our people understand how to access help if they need it.

  • Guidance on Technology Readiness Levels

    We are seeking views on a new publication: Guide to Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) which proposes a consistent approach for assessing the readiness of technologies for use on site.

  • Ponds and Silos at Sellafield

    Retrieval of high hazard materials from the Sellafield (LP&S) was an area of specific focus to urgently reducing the intolerable risk that they pose.

  • Timing of the Magnox Reactor Decommissioning Strategy

    The NDA has endorsed a site-specific approach to Magnox reactor decommissioning which will involve a mix of decommissioning strategies.

  • Export of High Enriched Uranium in Support of Medical Isotope Production

    The complex transfer campaign with an array of technical, logistical, safety and security considerations.

  • Optimising Site End States

    A new framework to allow operators to balance the overall safety and environmental risks associated with remediation and consider a broader range of options in pursuit of the optimised solution.

  • Scrabster Harbour (Caithness)

    The NDA helped financial contribution helped Scrabster Harbour Trust secure additional funding from other sources to invest £20 million in developing its facilities.

  • Exercise Purple Lumi

    Purple Lumi raised the operational resilience of the NDA group by simulating a series of cyber attacks which required different parts of the sector to work together, sharing information to defeat the aggressor.

  • Thermal Treatment

    The Thermal Treatment Integrated Project Team carried out work to understand waste applicability, technology capability and economic aspects.

  • Consolidation of Spent Fuel and Nuclear Materials

    In 2013 we concluded the development of our strategy to remove unirradiated nuclear material from Dounreay and consolidate it at Sellafield.

  • Higher Activity Waste Package Records

    Ensuring appropriate, accessible records essential for safe interim storage, future completion, transport and ultimate disposition of waste packages.

  • Innovation

    Development of a decommissioning toolkit of scalable, transferable and integrated solutions which would drive safer, faster and cheaper decommissioning.

  • Nucleargraduates

    A full review of the Nucleargraduates programme approach and content was undertaken to ensure that it continues to be attractive to the brightest and best graduates and maintain this key pipeline of talent for both the NDA g…