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From Government Actuary's Department (GAD)
  • GAD's pensions experts and digital specialists develop a 'retirement calculator' platform to help members of public service pension schemes.

  • The home of Government Actuary's Department on GOV.UK. We provide actuarial solutions, including financial risk analysis, modelling and advice, to support the UK public sector.

  • The 'Ogden' tables help actuaries, lawyers and others calculate the lump sum compensation due in personal injury and fatal accident cases.

  • GAD's Retirement Calculator is now live for 12 different organisations. Pensions experts developed the platform, following the McCloud legal ruling.

  • GAD has developed a retirement calculator which provides benefits options information to public sector pension scheme members. This online tool is designed to help people understand their pensions more clearly.

  • These case studies reflect some of the work and successes from GAD.

  • How to apply for jobs with the Government Actuary's Department (GAD).

  • The State Pension age timetable will remain unchanged, for the time being. The review was informed by reports from the Government Actuary.

  • GAD has developed a retirement calculator designed to help public sector pension scheme members understand benefits options information in their pensions more clearly.

  • The Government Actuary has completed a consultation on public service pensions Directions which set out how 2020 valuations should be carried out.

  • Martin Clarke, the retiring Government Actuary, reflects on the potential, drive and skills of the Government Actuary's Department and his 9-year tenure as the head of GAD.

  • GAD has completed a quality assurance exercise on an online pension calculator tool. It's from Money Helper and it helps calculate people’s likely retirement income.

  • GAD has updated actuarial factors for key public service pension schemes. Actuarial factors are used to calculate the benefits of scheme members under different scenarios.

  • New and old Fair Deal policy, TUPE regulations, bulk transfers and broad comparability assessments; GAD support for public sector organisations.

  • This blog from GAD looks at Liability Driven Investment, or LDI.

  • This document provides guidance on where to find UK Public Service pension scheme actuarial valuation reports.

  • GAD has carried out a quality assurance exercise into methodology on a report on the British Steel Pension Scheme.

  • GAD has analysed the LGPS gender pension gap. This report provides a first overview of how pensions in the LGPS were impacted by gender as of 31 March 2020.

  • The innovation of GAD's Remedy Benefits Illustrator was on show at a cross-departmental event. The online tool provides benefits insights for public service pension schemes.

  • GAD has been nominated in 2 categories in an industry competition.