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Going and being abroad




Guidance and regulation


HM Passport Office

  1. Passport rules for travel to Europe from 1 January 2021

    Advice for British passport holders from January 2021.

  2. Posting passports and documents

    Information on methods used by Her Majesty's Passport Office to send passports and documents.

  3. Renew your passport online in 3 easy steps

    Leaflet explaining how to renew an adult passport online in simple steps.

  4. Passport design changes

    This guidance explains that there will be changes to the design of British passports after 31 January 2020 and when the changes will happen.

  5. Statutory declarations

    Guidance on the acceptability of statutory declarations for passport purposes.

  6. Birth certificates and the full birth certificate policy

    Guidance explaining what format birth certificates must be in, what information they must show and how to ascertain nationality status.

  7. Designated Register Offices in England and Wales

    A list of the designated Register Offices in England and Wales.

  8. Basic passport checks

    To be used when checking passports for identification.

  9. Apply online for your first adult passport in 3 easy steps

    Leaflet explaining in simple steps how to apply online for your first passport, if you are applying as an adult.

  10. Application fees and refunds

    Fees for passport service types, information on fee increases and the circumstances in which a refund may be granted.

  11. Cancellation of passports

    Information on how passports are cancelled by IPS.

  12. Passport photo: eye distance template

    This template can be used for checking photographs for all passport applicants aged 6 and over.

  13. Preventing and resolving errors on passports

    Guidance for staff on how to reduce potential errors on passports.

  14. Lost, stolen and recovered passports - examiner policy

    Process for reporting the loss or theft of a passport.

  15. Getting help with your passport application

    This leaflet has information on how you can get help renewing your passport and what you should remember when using an organisation to help you apply.

  16. Date and place of birth

    Process to establish the date and/or place of birth to be shown on a passport.

  17. Applying for a child passport if granted ILR under the EU Settlement Scheme

    How to apply for your child’s first British passport if your child was born after you were granted indefinite leave to remain under the EU Settlement Scheme.

  18. Observations in passports

    Guidance for adding observations to passports.

  19. Applying for a passport - information for transgender and transsexual customers

    Information and guidance for transgender and transsexual customers.

  20. Titles included in passports

    Guidance on the correct use of titles that may be recorded on the personal details page of the passport.