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Cabinet Office

  1. Procurement policy notes

    This collection brings together all procurement policy notes, providing guidance on best practice for public sector procurement.

  2. Public Procurement Review Service Results

    This collection brings together lists of issues raised and the results of cases investigated so far under the Public Procurement Review Service

  3. Procurement Policy Note 02/20: supplier relief due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

    This Procurement Policy Note (PPN) sets out information and guidance for public bodies on payment of their suppliers to ensure service continuity during and after the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.…

  4. Procurement Policy Note 04/20: Recovery and Transition from COVID-19

    This note sets out information and guidance for public bodies on payment of their suppliers to ensure service continuity during the coronavirus outbreak.

  5. Procurement policy note 04/12: procurement supporting growth, supporting material for departments

    Procurement policy note on procurement supporting growth, together with supporting material to help deliver this agenda.

  6. Procurement policy note 08/12: update on modernisation of the European Union procurement rules

    Procurement policy note 08/12 summarises the latest progress on the modernisation of the procurement rules.

  7. Procurement policy note 07/11: updates to guidance on transparency in procurement and contracting

    Updates to guidance on transparency in procurement and contracting and implications for use of Contracts Finder.

  8. Public-sector procurement from 1 January 2021

    Information for public authorities, businesses and other organisations on the outcome for public procurement policy from 1 January 2021.

  9. Procurement Policy Note 12/15: Availability of Procurement Procedures (Decision Tree)

    This procurement policy note provides guidance on the changes to the choices of procurement routes resulting from the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, including a revised Decision Tree.…

  10. Procurement Policy Note 10/14: the plan for public procurement of food and catering

    This public procurement plan aims to help government procurers to take a more consistent approach to buying food and catering services.

  11. Procurement Policy Note 01/20: Responding to COVID-19

    This Procurement Policy Note gives information and guidance on public procurement regulations and responding to the coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak.…

  12. Procurement for growth

    Guidance for public sector procurement practitioners on maximising economic growth through the way they approach buying goods and services.

  13. Procurement Policy Note 03/20: Use of procurement cards - COVID-19

    This Procurement Policy Note sets out guidance on the use of procurement cards to support cash flow for suppliers.

  14. New models of construction procurement

    This brings together guidance on new models of construction procurement, based on best practice in public sector construction.

  15. Procurement Policy Note 09/16: Procuring for Growth Balanced Scorecard

    This note explains how government buyers should adopt a balanced scorecard approach for certain types of procurements.

  16. Cost Led Procurement

    Guidance and frequently asked questions about the Cost Led Procurement (CLP) model of construction procurement.

  17. Procurement policy note 05/13: modernising EU procurement rules

    Procurement policy note (PPN) giving a progress update on the modernisation of European Union procurement rules.

  18. Procurement policy note 03/13: promoting tax compliance and procurement

    Procurement policy information note 03/13 on promoting tax compliance and procurement.

  19. Procurement Policy Note 16/15: procuring steel in major projects

    This procurement policy note is now out of date.

  20. Procurement and contracting transparency progress reports

    Transparency data on government procurement, including tenders, contracts published and the age of contracts.