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  1. The Perfect Group of Companies Ltd, and Brad Smith

    Decision of the Traffic Commissioner on The Perfect Group of Companies Ltd, and Brad Smith.

  2. High Street Perfect Day makes debut

    High Streets Minister Jake Berry MP in Altrincham, Greater Manchester for the launch of the National High Street Perfect Day pilot.

  3. Mr Edward Stiles v Just Perfect Catering Ltd: 1600432/2016

    Wales Employment Decision of Judge Cadney on 6 October 2016.

  4. Miss S Mears v Dental Perfection: 2600229/2019

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  5. Mrs V MacKie v Perfect Manors: 4103259/2018

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  6. Mr M Tariq v Perfect Pizza: 2300256/2018

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  7. Mr J Witts v Pure Perfection Ltd: 2304374/2018

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  8. Miss C Green v Perfected Hair and Beauty Ltd: 1400013/2019

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  9. Mr S Levy v Perfect Confectionery Ltd: 2424219/2017

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  10. Mr R Borowski v Gc Perfect House Ltd: 4105229/2018

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  11. Ms Neilufar Abizadeh v Perfect Smile Surgery Ltd and others: 2303453/2017

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  12. Mr L Bogacki v Perfect Dry Cleaners Ltd: 2200834/2017

    Employment Tribunal Decision.

  13. Miss NM Sabuni v Perfect Mobile Creche Ltd T/a PMC Nursery: 3307558/2018

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  14. The Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs v Martyn Glen Perfect: [2017] UKUT 0476 (TCC)

    Upper Tribunal Tax and Chancery decision of Mrs Justice Whipple and Judge Greenbank on 8 December 2017.

  15. Mrs E Florin and Mr C Florin v Mr R Mead T/a Perfect Finish Cleaning Services: 1400200/2019 and others

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  16. Mr R Ernest v Perfect Circle JV Ltd and Faithful and Gould Ltd: 2601993/2016

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  17. How to write charitable purposes

    How to decide what your charity’s purposes are and write them in the ‘objects’ clause of your governing document.

  18. Cervical screening: programme overview

    A description of the NHS cervical screening programme, including evidence on screening and the human papillomavirus (HPV).

  19. Miscarriage of justice: claim compensation

    Miscarriage of justice compensation, application for a claim if your conviction has been overturned or you’ve been granted a free pardon

  20. Landlord Malcolm Langford: Green Deal case study

    Case study about how Landlord Malcolm Langford funded home improvement measures in one of his rental properties.