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  1. What each role does in a service team

    Skills a service team needs to deliver a successful user-focused service.

  2. Design and build your landfill site

    The design requirements that you need to meet in your environmental permit application and how to comply with your permit.

  3. National Insurance rates and categories

    Class 1 National Insurance (NI) contribution rates for tax year 2019 to 2020, what NI category letters mean

  4. Malaysia travel advice

    Latest travel advice for Malaysia including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health

  5. Mr A Holburn v Beedspeed Ltd: 2600132/2018

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  6. Depleted uranium (DU): general information and toxicology

    Information on depleted uranium (DU) including what it is, its uses, health effects and protection from exposure.

  7. Basement Flat, 119 Kings Cross Road, London WC1X 9NH: LON/00AG/HPO/2017/0012

    Residential Property Tribunal Decision of Judge Korn, Mr Roberts on 26 January 2018

  8. 85A Roe Lane, Sheffield S3 9AL: MAN/00FF/HIN/2019/0027

    Northern Judge J E Oliver and Member Ms S A Kendall sitting on 8 January 2020

  9. Innovation: MHRA helps OxSonics early on

    MHRA supports innovation in anti-cancer drug delivery by providing regulatory advice to OxSonics early on in the process.

  10. GAEC 5: Minimising soil erosion

    Limit soil erosion by putting in place suitable practical measures.

  11. Extra 300, G-OFFO and Extra 300, G-ZEXL, 26 March 2006
  12. Flats 2 and 3, 2 Gilbert Street, London W1K 5HA: LON/00BK/LSC/2018/0265

    Residential Property Tribunal Decision of Judge Hawkes, Mr Casey and Mr Miller on 4 October 2019

  13. Working Paper No. 42. Divide and rule: State penetration in Hazarajat (Afghanistan) from monarchy to the Taliban.
  14. GAEC 5: Minimising soil erosion

    You must have minimum land management which reflects site specific conditions to limit erosion.

  15. Screening Rice Root Growth Under Mechanical Impedance. Final Technical Report.
  16. Screening the ability of rice roots to overcome the mechanical impedance of wax layers: Importance of test conditions and measurement criteria
  17. Tidal intrusion within a mega delta: An unstructured grid modelling approach

    This is the first 3D baroclinic model covering the whole Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta

  18. Systemic fusidic acid and interaction with statins

    There is a risk of rhabdomyolysis if Systemic fusidic acid (Fucidin) is given with statins.

  19. Rural connectivity in Africa: motorcycle track construction

    This article examines a case study from Liberia

  20. Comparing simple root phenotyping methods on a core set of rice genotypes

    This study concludes that rhizotrons are the preferred method for root screening, since root angles can be assessed