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  1. Car fuel and CO2 emissions data

    Check fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and vehicle tax bands by make model and registration

  2. Report an untaxed vehicle

    Anonymously report an untaxed vehicle that you’ve seen on a public road

  3. Mrs R Garratt v Travis Perkins Trading Company Ltd: 3328264/2017

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  4. Check if a vehicle, part or accessory has been recalled

    Check if a vehicle model, part or accessory has been recalled because of a fault in how it was made

  5. Special journal issue on structural drivers
  6. Mr A Ray v British Midland Regional Ltd: 2600031/2017

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  7. EIM23130 - Car benefit: meaning of not commonly used as a private vehicle
  8. Ms M Gonzalez v Lush Retail Ltd: 2200016/2017

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  9. Section 700: motor vehicle works

    This publication is intended for Valuation Officers.

  10. Alistair Rae Burns v The Financial Conduct Authority: [2018] UKUT 0246 (TCC)

    Upper Tribunal Tax and Chancery decision of Judge Herrington and Member Farquharson and Member Dale on 31 July 2018.

  11. Uber B.V. and Others v Mr Y Aslam and Others: UKEAT/0056/17/DA

    Employment Appeal Tribunal judgment of Judge Eady on 10 November 2017.

  12. British High Commissioner Designate visits Karachi

    The British High Commissioner (Designate) to Pakistan Dr Christian Turner made his inaugural visit to Karachi on Friday.

  13. Check a used vehicle you’re buying

    Check registration, MOT, tax, vehicle identification number and other details to help make sure a used car is not stolen or unsafe

  14. London architects lead the way in sustainable, digital design

    David Miller Architects win industry award for giving a new lease of life to 18th-century barns, using building information modelling.

  15. CIRD220490 - Patent Box: relevant IP profits: marketing assets return figure
  16. MLR3C10230 - High Value Dealers: Basic compliance checks at a HVD
  17. Section 510: hotels

    This publication is intended for Valuation Officers.

  18. The performance and impact of rail mass transit in developing countries. Research Report 278.
  19. The GREAT Tech Awards

    The GREAT Tech Awards encourage high-growth technology companies in the US to select the UK as a place to set up and grow their businesses.

  20. DFID Research: DFID's Policy Opens up a World of Global Research

    DFID today threw its weight behind the Open Access movement by publishing its own Open and Enhanced Access Policy for the research that it funds.