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  • Report someone committing benefit fraud - you can report anonymously.

  • Report tax fraud by a person or business to HMRC - tax evasion, VAT fraud, false, Child Benefit or tax credit fraud.…

  • What happens if you’re suspected of benefit fraud - benefits that can and cannot be stopped if you commit fraud

  • Information about the Joint Fraud Taskforce (JFT), including membership, meeting minutes and the sector-based charters to combat fraud.…

  • Call the National Benefit Fraud hotline if you believe that someone is committing benefit fraud

  • Reports, guidance and case studies for the National Fraud Initiative (NFI), a data matching exercise that helps prevent and detect fraud.

  • Estimates of fraud and error levels in the benefit system in Great Britain.

  • Find out about mini umbrella company fraud, including checks you should complete and how to report potential fraud.

  • How to protect your home, land or other property from fraud

  • This review has been set up to consider the challenges of investigating and prosecuting fraud cases and the operation of the disclosure regime in a digital age.

  • The home of Public Sector Fraud Authority on GOV.UK. The Public Sector Fraud Authority works with departments and public bodies to understand and reduce the impact of fraud.

  • The fraud statistics for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

  • This page outlines how councils should handle suspected fraud cases.

  • The home of NHS Counter Fraud Authority on GOV.UK. The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) is charged with identifying, investigating and preventing fraud and other economic crime within the NHS and the wider health group.…

  • Information to help academy trusts manage the risk of fraud and report instances of fraud to the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

  • The home of Serious Fraud Office on GOV.UK. The Serious Fraud Office investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud, bribery and corruption.

  • A Fraud and Error Prevention Service (FEPS) centre may review your benefits claim - check that a letter, phone call or text is genuine

  • Fraud Focus is the National Fraud Authority's newsletter.…

  • An online form and guidance on how to report suspected fraud to the Student Loans Company

  • This collection brings together information regarding the formation of a single fraud investigation service.