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  1. UK anti-corruption strategy 2017 to 2022

    The cross-government anti-corruption strategy provides a framework to guide UK government action to tackle corruption for the period to 2022.

  2. Anti-corruption newsletter: spring 2019

    Provides a progress update on the government's efforts to battle corruption both in the UK and abroad.

  3. Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy

    The principles in this policy apply to both internal and external audiences.

  4. Anti-corruption

    This collection brings together documents related to the government's work to combat domestic and international corruption.

  5. Anti-Corruption Summit: London 2016

    On 12 May 2016, Prime Minister David Cameron hosted a landmark international anti-corruption summit in London.

  6. UK anti-corruption plan

    The cross-government anti-corruption plan brings together all of the UK’s activity against corruption in one place.

  7. Global Anti-Corruption Programme

    This Prosperity Fund programme promotes increased global prosperity and inclusive sustainable growth by working against corruption.

  8. Western Balkans anti-corruption pledges

    The Western Balkans governments made commitments to address corruption.

  9. Global Declaration Against Corruption

    The first ever global declaration against corruption announces leaders' shared ambition to tackle corruption.

  10. Counter corruption and reporting wrongdoing

    Rules and guidance for prison and probation staff on tackling wrongdoing and corruption.

  11. Bribery and corruption assessment template

    A template for government departments and agencies that assesses the response to bribery and corruption.

  12. Technology to tackle corruption

    This World Anti-Corruption Day, see how a new mobile technology is helping to clean up salary payments to Afghan police officers

  13. Fighting fraud and corruption locally: 2016 to 2019

    Fighting fraud and corruption locally is the new counter fraud and corruption strategy for local government.

  14. Analysing the impact of corruption on private sector development

    Analysing the impact of corruption on private sector development

  15. DFID How to Note on corruption in health

    Tackling corruption in the health sector is essential for achieving better health outcomes.…

  16. Anti-corruption strategies by country

    This series brings together all documents relating to Anti-corruption strategies by country

  17. Inter-Ministerial Group on Anti-Corruption: members

    The Inter-Ministerial Group on Anti-Corruption oversees the government's work to address corruption in the UK and internationally.…

  18. Fraud Prevention, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

    This policy aims to prevent and detect fraud, bribery and corruption.

  19. Make an allegation of fraud or corruption against Monitor

    How to bring an allegation of fraud or corruption against Monitor and how it is investigated.…

  20. Prosperity fund tackling corruption toolkit - call for proposals

    Proposals will be received until 10 October 2014.